Membership & Enquiries
Membership of the Thomas More Society is open to Catholic members of the legal profession and those who are in sympathy with the aims and ethos of the Society. Anybody wishing to become a member must apply to the Committee, and their application must receive the support of a Sponsor who is already a member of the Society. We realise that not everyone who may wish to join the Society will have a Sponsor, so if you wish to join but do not have a Sponsor you can simply let us know and appropriate arrangements will be made.

In order to apply for membership, please complete the form opposite. If you do not have a Sponsor, please tell us in the comment box that you are asking the Society to provide one. You will also need to complete and return a signed standing order form to pay the annual membership fee of £40. You can download the form here.

For all enquiries please contact the Society’s Membership Secretary.